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- Our Story -


2000 – Planted our vineyard.

2004 – Our first production. A work in progress to improve & refine.

2006 – Federal Licensure as Lindon Wines with our wines now available to buy. Planted additional vines to

            expand the vineyard.

2006 – Built and completed our actual wine production facility. Wines produced and available to purchase.

2018 – Completed building and opened “The Green Dragon”, our unique 12-sided tasting room facility.

Our Story:

Lindon Wines is a small family owned Iowa winery, located just outside of Burlington, Iowa. All our wines are produced from grapes grown in our own vineyard. It was started and is owned and operated by Don & Linda McCabe. Growing as a business from Don’s passion for agriculture and enology (the study of wines).

Don grew up on a farm near Mt. Pleasant, IA, and was the founder of the winery. His love of fine wines, knowledge of chemistry and self-taught knowledge of wine making, along with many courses taken mostly through the Enology Department at Iowa State University, formed a solid base for his wine making. Don and his brother, Dennis McCabe, PhD, combined their work ethic and passion for new projects to expand Lindon Wines into a beautiful and thriving vineyard, the original production room, and the recent addition of a custom built 12-sided tasting room affectionately called “The Green Dragon.”  Throughout the entire journey Don has been able to count on his brother for help and encouragement.

After retiring from nursing, Linda has now joined in to assume the Director of Marketing position. A long-time family friend, Krystie McDonald, has recently joined the team. She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge; and is now integral in helping with the marketing aspects of the business. Linda’s sister, Deb Anderson, helps with tastings and always assists Linda with food for Harvest helpers. Additionally, two of our three sons live locally – Ben and Adam, are available to help, making the winery a full family affair.

This is our journey – a small family owned and operated Iowa vineyard and winery, built from the ground up (quite literally)—producing fine wines.

Our Mission:

Provide great tasting, local, quality Iowa wines produced from our own Iowa vineyard. We do our absolute best to provide you with a wine to suit all tastes. From our award-winning Celtic Red (a fine, smooth, dry wine), to our extremely popular Burlington Blush, our white—Burlington Mist, or our sweeter Burlington Kiss. In addition, we have Hot Lips—the Kiss with a “kick” of habanero pepper. Don also produces a smooth, after dinner, dessert wine (sherry) that is great as a cordial to sip & relax.

Our Invitation:

We would love for you to come & join our wine family!  Schedule a tasting with your family and friends at The Green Dragon. Since Lindon Wines is located on our home property, our hours are flexible and by appointment only. Don’t forget to join our email list to receive periodic newsletters with events and updates. We are also in the process of developing a wine club to keep our clients up to date with our favorite and newest wines!

Onward—to great wines and good friends!


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